Short Code Sms

SMS (Short Message Service) is a standard telephonic messaging technology that allows sending messages between mobile number devices that is known as short text messages. Short Codes are short numeric numbers 5 digits easily remember able numbers to which text messages can be pushed from mobile phones. Mobile subscribers send text messages to commonly known short codes with the relevant…

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Bulk Sms India

Fone Tool is a industry's leading provider in bulk sms messaging who provides their users with a secure, simple, dependable, high capacity messaging platform to all Indian operators. Bulk Sms India is a easy to use web-based interface which offers bulk SMS delivery, group management functions, transactions, history, bulk imports, excel plug-in software to send customize messages and many other…

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Bulk Sms Campaignings

Bulk sms has gained immense popularity in short time. It is considered to be a perfect marketing tool. With the help of bulk sms the marketers can reach their target customers in minimum possible time. Most of the companies have started opting for sms marketing. Bulk sms especially proves to be beneficial for the startup companies that have a limited…

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B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing is a marketing done for direct interest of any other business, it is all about the marketing efforts made towards promoting goods or services whose direct transactions are with other businesses. The transactions ions between two companies and considered business to business, B2B marketing is now one of the fastest developing fields of marketing around the globe. Now…

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Sms Api

SMS API – API stands for Application Programming Interface. APIs are proving very beneficial particularly to the phone service providers. APIs play a vital role in SMS marketing and thus without API the whole process of SMS marketing cannot function. API's are used for different applications, programs, etc. APIs can also be used for the web, multimedia, user interface, etc.…

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