Short Code Sms

SMS (Short Message Service) is a standard telephonic messaging technology that allows sending messages between mobile number devices that is known as short text messages. Short Codes are short numeric numbers 5 digits easily remember able numbers to which text messages can be pushed from mobile phones. Mobile subscribers send text messages to commonly known short codes with the relevant keywords connecting to their required access from a wide variety. Keyword is a name used to distinguish a targeted message within a Short Code Message.

What is Sms Short Code?
Sms Short codes are usually 5 digit numbers, to which wireless subscribers can send a text messages using any wireless operators as they are mapped to all operators within a country. Short codes numbers are easier to remember, handy and more compatible across all wireless carriers. These short code numbers are virtual numbers and can be managed with an applications or solutions to use this in a chat programme, bill payments, marketing, polling, etc

What is Dedicated Short Code?
These are the numbers which are designated to single customers with all rights of keywords and all customizations. Sometimes customers require a dedicated Short Code for an individual promotion or service. This is majorly in case of “branding” or recognition purposes. It is also possible that due to the specific nature of an application and data security a company initiated dedicated keyword for routing. These dedicated short code provisions all types of events, services, programmes and even execute any application and provisioning process with the help of wireless carriers

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