Bulk Sms India

Fone Tool is a industry’s leading provider in bulk sms messaging who provides their users with a secure, simple, dependable, high capacity messaging platform to all Indian operators. Bulk Sms India is a easy to use web-based interface which offers bulk SMS delivery, group management functions, transactions, history, bulk imports, excel plug-in software to send customize messages and many other advanced sending features. Bulk sms India ensures that your message reach your right target audience by getting timely delivery on cell phone. As per today’s study a very large number of India’s population is carrying a cell phones and are very aggressive for using it so the modern process of advertising is the text messages so that it can reach the maximum numbers of people quickly and even effectively. This type of informative communication can be mainly effective while contacting members of a society, events update, sales promotion and more. The potential in mobility marketing is very high and is also having huges aspects of growth. Bulk Sms India messaging is also the fastest and the economical mode of marketing & communication in the modern era.

Fone Tool offers various cost effective sms plans. We provide prompt service and try to maintain the service line up with high standards. We provide bulk sms services sending from groups and excel sheet, one can push messages to their managed groups even from mobiles using GPRS services. It can be used at any location and at any time 24X7. We also provide scheduling facility which enables users to schedule & push the messages for time they will be offline.

Fone Tool also offers dedicated routes for heavy campaigners. We also offers enterprise solutions where one can enjoy end to end solutions, one can also view all reporting’s and even manage all of their bulk uploads with high end delivery networks. These high end solutions are provided to push high volumes and to deliver high service line-ups. It also delivers dedicated and stable network to the campaigner.

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