More and more businesses nowadays are opting for sms and text message marketing in order to reach their targeted customers in short span of time. Short Code is one of the simplest and effective ways selected by the businesses to make their business impact on the clients. Short codes are 5 or 6 digit numbers and it is easy and convenient for the subscribers to remember these short numbers. Short code marketing proves to be beneficial in engaging with the customers and arousing an interest for a product, service or event.

Thus short code is the fastest and easiest ways to market your business. On the internet you can get information on several service providers. With the help of the short codes the messages reach faster to the end customers as compared to the long digit numbers. Short code service is of two types namely dialing and messaging.

The companies use them as per their own needs and requirements. While doing the bulk text messaging the short codes prove to be of great help as while texting numerous people are targeted by sending only one message and so by the help of short codes the work gets completed quickly.

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