Long Code India

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Long Code India

Long Code are 10 digits numbers same as mobile numbers, globally accessible SMS solutions which deliver two-way communication and help in product promotion by delivering message to your clients. Long codes are cost effective marketing solutions, which are being used at a very low cost, so everyone can easily reply the keywords with a low budget. Using this wireless subscribers method, you can interact with groups of people, businesses, and organizations as a whole host of applications by calling and texting a 10 digit Long Code number and even they can express their interest in the offer. These numbers work 24X7 with any application programming..

How it Works?

Every text message, addressed to a Long Code is processed to an application before it reaches the final destination. Even an application may be developed or hosted by the content provider; there are many application providers who have specialization in software development and hosting for mobile messaging applications. The hardcore technical expertise provides best methods and techniques for maximizing participation and reaching maximum success of SMS Long Code applications. Most application providers are specialists in a specific type of application, such as alerts, voting, polling etc.

Technical Features:

  • Instant retrieval of Bulk SMS
  • Create sub keywords, run a contest.
  • Easy maintenance & deployment
  • Time Saving
  • Low Setup Fee
  • Globally accessible